Karen Cittone is both Italian and  Turkish. She speaks Turkish,English and Italian. She graduated from Bilgi University, Advertising field. After graduation her great interest to branding led her to study branding & marketing in USCD, San Diego,CA. She began her career in retail as an assistant store manager. She continued her retail career as a store manager at fast fashion brands like Mango, Inditex Group. After store manager experience she has worked as a global store coordinator and managed many stores in Europe & Turkey. Her continued passion to the fashion industry led her to study MBA in Fashion Business Management & Entrepreneurship in New York,US. While she was studying, she took an opportunity to work in Maxmara,Ny as an intern in wholesale department as an assistant account manager like two years.

After completing her degree, she turned back to IstanbuL, Turkey and continued her career as a Business Development Manager in a production company which manufactures and exports garments to US & European markets. She has worked long time in production company and successfully negotiated with seven new clients from Europe.She often traveled to their headquarters in Europe and built the connections węth the clients. 

As a result, Ms.Cittone is well-versed in fashion.

Her passion continues and in 2022 she starts her new company,CITTONE TEXTILE which connects great Turkish fashion brands with new markets and consulting international brands in terms of production in Istanbul,Turkey.

She continues her family business which is selling exporters textile accessories as well.

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